WHY CHOOSE US.... We Live By The Golden Rule “Treat others as you would like to be treated yourself” means a lot to Dan and Rosemarie, because they know the only way they can get their clients to tell their family and friends about them is by giving them the best possible service in the first place. Two For The Price Of One Dan and Rosemarie are not only a team, but professionals that complement each other’s skill set. From client service, marketing execution, negotiation and follow through, whatever the job demands, they’ve got it covered.. We’re Serious About Marketing! Dan and Rosemarie go the extra distance when it comes to marketing your home. How do you make your home stand out from the competition? By unique and innovative showcasing methods that catch the eye and interest of the buyer first. This is where Dan and Rosemarie shine! We Deliver As Promised ...feedback There is no mystery as to how Dan get things done. He tells you what he’s going to do, then does it and provides you quick feedback so you always know what’s going on in the efforts of getting your home sold. Tremendous Office Support With an office of over 40 sales representatives and brokers, you get the full backing of Coldwell Banker Homefront Realty Brokerage and its considerable sales force behind you. We collectively preview each new listings and many times after house tour, agents are ringing their buyers phones telling them just what they’ve seen. We Are Professionals! In every industry there are those that perform their tasks to a standard of professionalism above the rest. In Real Estate, it’s Dan.!